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1. 666 Wounds

Pierced and stabbed; burnt and chopped; dying act of violence; dragging to it's end; Grinded skin exposing bones; Nails turn around; as he drags himself away; from the pit of torture; No escape from t...

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2. Aren't You Hungry?

Dont waste the corpse; You freshly hunted down; Arent you hungry; Lets make some soup; Arent you hungry; Sharpen your axe; And remove her limbs; The boiling water; Takes care of rest; Arent you hungry...

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3. Corpsefukk

You have returned to killing grounds; Enormous lust takes hold of you; Rotting flesh at its best; When fucked wide open wound; More holes I create; Target of my lust doesnt breathe; Several rotting bo...

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4. Dentist

Enter the waiting room; Door closes behind you; Nurse opens the door; Now it's your turn; Dentist looks at his tools; Chooses the asphaltdrill; Evil grin on his face; Ready to break your bones; Dentis...

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5. Exhumed First Love

I lost my first love; Serialkiller murdered her; Now I'm lonely and tired; Missing the laugh of her; Exhumed! First Love; Exhumed! Death didn't separate us; At one night I was wondering; How to get he...

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6. Festering Limbs

Crushing through your bones; Shotgun shells of death; Penetrating your tissue; Directly into heart; Festering limbs; Torn the heart into pieces; Crushing through the spine; Tearing your body; Smashing...

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7. Goatcunt

Slimy and filthy vagina; Owned by animal whore; Another goat licking; Desirely fucking... ; Goatcunt; Filled with ugly jam; Just like spermbank; Goat sperm is diving; Into the... ; Goatcunt

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8. Lobotomy

Worm is crawling inside your brains; Its gritting them piece by piece; Madness grows stronger beneath your head; You search for brainsurgery; Lobotomy; Brain surgery; In your madness you decide; To ma...

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9. Masochist

Reach the pleasure from the pain, stick your cock into pile of coals. More your body will deceive, the higher orgasm you'll receive. ; Passout, this is the limit at last. For testing your body you've ...

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10. Open The Anus

At one morning I woke up; With strange feeling in ass; One meter of wood; Was plugged in my anus; Gallons of shit; Inside my body; Painfully looking; An way to get out; Open the anus; Pressure grows; ...

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11. Paineenlaukaisu

Viikon kaksi olet kuolleena lojunut; Ruppisi on ehkä vähän mädäntynyt; Alat olla murea, olet täynnä kaasua; Ei se ole vakavaa, mää tykkään susta; Henkitorvesi ja muut röörit ovat turvonneet umpeen. Ra...

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12. Planet Crusher

I’m the one to kill the life; End the process of earth; Slaving the mankind isn’t enough; Total devastation is; Slow death is for fags; Sudden holocaust is what i want; Why to compromise this size of ...

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13. Terror By Haunted

Enter, the altar, altar of Haunted. Step to even older; world of ancient. ; Terror from beyond, madness from deep. Ready to strike, you will kneel! Kneel to the altar, bow to the master, illusions by ...

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14. Torture Engineering Inc

So what’s your choice? Something specific in mind? When it comes to pain – we’ll have the skill; Fill out this form for special perversions -; Choose damage level and is the goal death? Torture engine...

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15. Unholy Vomit Cült

Skies under spell we cast, Shit and vomit – a nuclear blast; Past comes alive, forming a cult; Pure hell gets loose as a brutal insult; Soil starts to burn, seas of blood boil; Figures and faces are f...

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16. Vomitormentor

He arrives by riding the demon; that breaths the scent of death; The feared return of first conqueror; that now took it’s place; Empyrium of disgust, that saw decades of torment; Now the veins of hell...

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17. Zombie Attack

I stepped on unholy ground; Smelling filthy corpses around; Rotten zombie crawling behind me; Mouth wide open eating me; Zombie attack! How about being a zombie breakfast; In most brutal way; With hun...

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18. Zombie Crucification

Captured you are, enter the zombie realm. Crucified upside down, horrified, awaiting death. ; You can feel the nails, impale your body. Blood running into grail, grail of crucified meat. ; With hunger...

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