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1. Braaains!

Rising from the tomb of darkness; Undead eyes so full of hate; On the prowl for blood and guts; Try to scream but it's too late; He will bleed you dry; fill you with his hatred; The undead feeds upon ...

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2. Brothers In Gore

The spleen was reinserted; The rest eviscerated; Bowels dissected and diced; Fed to me in tiny pieces; A feeling never to be met; So i bring out my hatchet; Brothers in Gore; Marching to war; Shoulder...

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3. Decapitating Ninja Death Cult

Engulfed in darkness; A gathering of ninjas; An ancient ritual; Of sacrifice; Offer the cattle; Unto the gods of DOOM! Digging out the entrails; Feasting on its brains; Shattering the spine; To reveal...

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4. Extreme Pestilence Of The Mummies

Ninjas travelling the seven seas; In search of fresh meat to mummify; Hordes of Ninjas raging down the road; Destination: Mexico, the place where heads explode! Creating an army of the undead; Embalmi...

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5. Grinding The Spleen

Yaaaarrr! I awaken in a pool of blood; Nailed to the floor; Rusty spikes driven through my wrists; My body, covered in gore; An infected scar full of pus; pulsating with blinding pain; Agony supreme; ...

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6. Mutate To Mutilate

Barrels of toxic waste; Brewing in a haste; In a factory in Mexico; Where all the wicked ninjas go; To dip their swords in toxic spill; Before they all go out to kill; Soon the transformation is on; T...

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7. Mutilation Of The Unborn

The mother of an unborn child; Butchered and strapped to the wall; In a cellar of atrocity; A repugnant stench fills the room; as the undead enter in a rage; Heaps of zombies crawling unto the body; C...

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8. Pirates Of Cary B. Aaargh

Watch the pirates coming ashore; Now flee in fear; If they find you they will steal your soul; and drink your beer (your beeeeer!); With rotting eyes and swollen tongues; They make their way towards y...

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