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1. Cthulhu

On the darkest hour of midnight; Stars liberated the evil within; An ancient creature of endless time; Brought forth to wreak havoc; On mankind; Down where the winged demon goes; An evil awakened to b...

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2. Die Slow

You better pray that I don't find you; You're gonna pay oh when I see you; You'll see my face, when death's behind you; You'll feel the pain that I hold for you; I can sense your fear no use in runnin...

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3. Eternity

Damned to the night for eternity; I walk at night searching for you; I'm so alone; this can't be happening; I cannot hide. what is this haunting me? I walk at night, it's cold and lonely; Searching fo...

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4. Life Of Hell

Scream in pain again, it just won't stop; I wanna kill you slow, gonna make it hurt; This isn't fantasy, this pain is real; I'll bring you agony, a life of Hell; You fall unto demonous me; Can't wake ...

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5. That Corpse Won't Die

He was murdered in the dark at night; Illuminated by the crosses' light; Swayin' feet, noose fastened tight; Murdered by those men in white; Whoah oh; Thrown in the swamp, that corpse won't die; Whoah...

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6. Witch

Skies shift to a blackened gray; As the flagrant witch melts away; Skin boiled till it burst; Beware of her blackened curse; Her anger smolders with the coals; She has powers no one knows; The devils'...

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7. Wolfskin Killer

Ancient in the art of murder; Women and children it devours; Eat their hearts raw, tear limbs asunder; Eyes of flame; feel it's power; There's a terror in the woods; It'll bring you down; Now become i...

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