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1. Evil Churches

Force of evil burning sea; Spirits dancing in my soul; Sky is burning in unduly; Total war, the world screams; The force in my soul; Cursed in darkness search the; stream, Sacrifice in blood; Apocalyp...

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2. Lord Zoltar

Hell screaming in pain; Demons in total command; hellfire, burning the corpses; Evilcrusher is the dead; Evilcrusher - The trust; Evilcrusher - The trust; Evilcrusher - Force of evil; Evilcrusher - th...

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3. The Night Of Unholy Archangel

Purificator... your eyes; burning me; Cursed spell... the legions; of heretic wild; Malign force in me the; death possessed; Burning in me your scream; Pray for your glory.. Master; mighty warriors, I...

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4. War, Fire & Domination

Battles blood; I command of the darkness; Can not of weakness; Glory to you; In my throath the taste of blood... Power! The hate that feeds my soul; I feel to burn, above the; moonlight I throw my sac...

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