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1. Hold Me

Feeling so tired, but I'll find my way; I cannot come home; where will I stay...I don't know; All the past tense and the regrets; as the bad times fade; let only the good ones adhere to your memory; a...

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2. I Lost You Tonight

Love is wasted, I feel so all alone; I cannot forget you, now its time to go Home; And I’m feeling lost, I lost my friend tonight; The girl with big brown eyes; I can’t erase you from my mind; Love is...

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3. Long Way Home

Well I’m on may way… tonight; I’m leaving you once again, you never complain; my bags packed, the car waits; You’re on your own again; Your smell, I miss you touch, your devotion; This plane rides a l...

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4. Painful

(instrumental); Woo Woo you're not better; ooo woo you're not better; (Ooh...); I've been trying to be kind but still yet your an asshole; I've been..singing these songs but it causes no pressure; (Oo...

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5. Saint & Sinners

These strange days; I learned about myself; I wasted time; Her shine wore off; as the time wore on; I thought she was but I was wrong; The chosen one; My girlfriends gone...Thank God; like times befor...

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6. Vampire

The girl is a vampire; she hasn't gotten out of bed or seen the first night of day; she set my soul on fire; "To get her back for all the bugs she seemed to have givin to me"; (no idea??); I wanted to...

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7. Wash Away

Release yourself from the chains that shackle you; Every time you pick yourself up; you let your afflictions tackle you; Straight to the floor again; Your backs to the wall again; Alcohol has bitten m...

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8. What Is Wrong With You Tonigh

Watching my life just roll on by; Trying to make the best out of my days; I want to know if you’re feeling alright; I wonder if for sure; I don’t ever like to fight; I just want to know what’s inside ...

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