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1. Absolute Darkness

Hear inside me; fear of them. ; The fall is waiting; i know your there. ; The wind of the north is coming from the south; hurt me now, don´t be scared; crimsom waterfalls and black rainbows; red sky, ...

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2. Anguish And Loneliness

when loneliness takes care of my soul; and darkness is absolute... the pain will crush my feelings; and the fear will feed my memories; I would like to escape, run and find; a place where thoughts can...

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3. Dimension Of Hate

Beyond time, beyond thought, even; beyond reason, the fleeling of frustration; are founded of hate and proud; You want to come? come to me, red; tears will born form your eyes, forgotten; by fake prom...

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4. My Own Hell

Dressed in flesh, after the mourning light; bleeding forms, fragiles and obsoletes; beneath the mask, you´ll see the ral me; trying to down, your vicious insanity. ; watching you suffering; watching y...

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5. Necrospirit

Why i cannot see you there; If you see's me everywhere; Evertime i hear them cry; Why i cannot see you die!!! Necrospirit, a life in pain; Will not to be dead; At the time the dawn will come; You woul...

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6. Tears Of The Moon

Fall from the sky, as the ripped blood; the night aproachs to the never ending reality close mi eyes!!! please close my eyes!!! come and enter to the never ending reality; Grasp to the reality; grasp ...

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7. The Project

What´s beyond, is in front of us; we just can´t perceive it; ... we are blind. ; In a cosmo limited by our senses; what besieges us, passes our appreciation. ; Dimensions to discover, ... to explore, ...

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