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1. Amnesty

We want amnesty; From what you believe; To be above and beyond the law; But it ain't no thing; But just a prime example; Of the way things are run; Run in the wrong direction; No good for anyone, no; ...

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2. Another Chance

I need another chance; To right my wrong; I didn't mean to kill her; It was insanity; She didn't want to give me; The love I need; So I began to whip her; And then I took her life; Cry; Scream; Drippi...

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3. Break Your Back

You break your back; To get you through; Ain't got no class; They say to you; You need money; To survive; So you break your back; Just to stay alive; All day long; You work and slave; You got nothing ...

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4. Company Man

You can't tell how thick your shell can get when you abide; By a lifestyle that ain't worthwhile; But you continue what you're doing; On the hot sheet at the right time you get eaten by the hungry han...

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5. Creatures

No one knew what the night would bring when the sky was overcast; A haunting wind and a lightning bolt in a barren graveyard; When the bodies rise up from the underground your skin begins to crawl; An...

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6. Detention

Being kept after hours behind closed doors; You get reprimanded for bad behavior; And you ain't got no choice but to wait the time; Meanwhile you contemplate the idea of escape; CHORUS:; Detention - d...

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7. Hard To Survive

Temperatures exceeding hot both land and people start to rot; Can't provide for themselves because resources are so nil; I sympathize it's enough to make me cry; When we got so much and they have none...

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8. Indecent Obsessions

In through your window a pair of big eyes watching you and your bitch make love; The thoughts that he thinks while watching the innocent lovers can scare you to death; His fantasies can't be controlle...

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9. Member In A Gang

You better run, better hide, white spotlight in the schoolyard; They wanna know who's gonna fall and their spines are chilling; We're gonna win, they're gonna die, watch the knives and bullets fly; Do...

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10. Mercenary

A flash of lightning shocks you to the bone; The roar of thunder you hear someone moan; A blinding flash of light and you feel; That touch against your skin, you know it's steel; They'll try to find y...

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11. N.A.S.A.

Oh say can you see spacecraft exploding in the air; By the early morning light seven families in despair; Watching their sons and daughters burning in the sky; Remnants plunge into the water but they ...

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12. Pickpocket

I'm not what I seem to be life to me's no mystery; Those like me will rot in jail longer than their life will be; CHORUS:; My hand's in your pocket I'm taking what's yours; What I eat, my survival all...

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13. Prohibition

In an abandoned warehouse late at night in the shipping yards; The gangsters keep a watchful eye for the man in blue; As a loaded semi pulls up to an empty dock; The rear door opens to reveal the demo...

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14. Promiscuity

Escort take your time to crawl into a life so low; Slut you're still the same but you work too hard to take no blame; And we all know you'll never change; So why don't you just play the game; CHORUS:;...

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15. Seeking Asylum

They've blown you out of house and home; You turn around you're all alone; Visions creep into your head; You think about the life you've led; You started out a small time hood; Stealin' cars your life...

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16. Trip Wires

The damage is done, I've been beat at my own crime; By someone that I never would have expected; While the rich man kept counting his stocks and shares; I made with the cash that they didn't know was ...

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17. Unbridled Energy

I'll take this chance to release all the grief pent up inside of me; Got nothing to say who will listen anyway; It's all the same to me so I'll just shout and scream; CHORUS:; Unbridled energy pent up...

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