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1. Accidents Happen

It wasn't meant be like this; Been trying a wrap my head around it in vain; It happened in a split second; Nothing I can do; I didn't mean to feel like this; I'm standing here, I can't resist to fall;...

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2. Believe You

You can say you can love better than anyone else can; All the years I spent waiting for you to be a better man; Why couldn’t you done it then when you had my heart in your hands; Back then you were to...

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3. Freefallin

t's not the first time I felt this heart ache; It's not the first time I felt my world shake; Won't be the last time I cry but there's no tears tonight; leaving my stress at the door till daybreak; Co...

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4. In The Moment

I’m in the moment right here now; Oh my happiness is spilling out; This is my moment right here now; Yeah, the thrill in me is rushing out yeah; I’ve never been to a place like this; I never knew this...

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5. Never Let You Go

I let it get away from me; But I’m coming back with all my energy; I let you walk away from me; Won’t let this love become a memory; No mistaken, I’m pacing, I’m racing time; I’ll climb mountains to f...

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6. One Step Behind

Oh no, I did it again; I’m right behind you; Don’t turn around; Who knows what I’ll do; I’m almost delirious; You got me pacing; I can’t get no rest; I’m going crazy; Every single move you male; All t...

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7. Reckless

I was shut off, I was cut off; Numb to everything; Left my heart open, got it broken; Didn’t want it happen again, no; Oh, oh been so busy building walls; Oh, oh, been so scared that I might fall; Oh,...

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8. Relapse

My stone heart it’s impenetrable; Got your finger on the trigger and it’s ready to pull; But with one hit you can turn it to glass; It’s an addiction, this connection; Got me feeding for that; This to...

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9. Release Me

Let me go; don't wanna be alone; And let the music pump right through me; I can feel it in my bones; Got to get up; To get in on out; And let the rhythm take a hold; watch me shake it on out; I said r...

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10. The Other Side

All the damage is done; Given it all there’s nothing left to take; Been in repair for so long; But now I’m back better than ever; So move outta my way; Cos when I hit the floor I’m a start a fire; Bur...

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11. Until You're Over Me

One shot knock it back take another; But the pain don’t go away; I see the boys lookin’ at me wanna party; But it just don’t feel the same; Cos I know you’ll be callin’ without warnin’; And you always...

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