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1. Burning Hollywood

The air we're breathing is getting colder and; I can't eat, can't sleep, can't get you out of my mind; This situations called a sick obsession, but I don't care, I'm livin' in a life of denial; Bring ...

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2. Girlfriend

I'll rip your heart out, chew it up, spit it out. Cryin, cryin. I'm not afraid to lie, change the place, day or time. Lyin, lyin; No I don't wanna be your best friend. I wanna be your girlfriend. ; Yo...

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3. Lipstick Lies

She was a beauty queen at the age of 15, her options open had the whole world in her hands. But with the power like this you can easily slip, we really hoped she wouldn't fall off the deep end. ; You ...

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4. Someday

Well there she goes runnin' around town; She's chasing dreams that she never ever really knew; Yeah, on her someday; A single bag, purse, and guitar. She never thought that she could ever really make ...

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