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Conheça as 3 letras de músicas de Zobibor cadastradas no nosso site. Clique em cada uma delas para acessar detalhes diversos.

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1. Gangrape

Rape the whore; Fist her anal; Mother nature; Mother of all; Stripped of pride; Penetrated; Bleeding inside; Desolated; Black brath of war; Pain bleeding in your sore; Black breath of war; Gangrape th...

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2. Hatefuel Deathride

I have a thing called life; You know; it's full of shit; Everyday is another death; And all I feel is hate; I watch you breed your wretched kind; I watch you crawl so fucking blind; I watch it go step...

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3. Virgin Mary

Virgin mary you jewish slut; Feel my cock ram up your butt; Screaming bleeding jewish whore; You will get it more and more; Genocide, Suicide; - Take all the hatred that I feel inside of me; Virgin ma...

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