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1. Black Cow

In the corner, of my eye; I saw you in rudy's, you were very high; Yoou were high... It was a cryin' disgrace; (They saw your face...); On the counter, by your keys; Was a book of numbers, and your re...

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2. Count To Five

Gwen Bunn; How do you do? I'm lovely, yes I'm feeling lovely; How are you? The trees are green and know the sky's a lovely hue; A brighter day for one, but better day for two; Oh, but anytime I'm feel...

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3. Marzipan

[Verse one: Eric roberson]; To know you is to need you; To write you and read you; To see you is to want you; To somehow confront you; But I know the dangers; Of having what my heart beats so much of;...

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4. This Could Be The Night

{Say brother, do you see; All these foxys out here tonight? I'm tellin you, if you don't do yo' job; I'll guarantee you I will do mine; Cause I'm mean, I'm slick, and I'm tight tonight; Ya understand ...

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