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1. A Soldier's Creed

I wasn’t put hear to eat no fucking dirt; Ain’t about to kiss nobody’s ass; You pay me now cause we won’t be here later; Think for myself and you call me trash; I wasn’t put here to do your dirty work...

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2. Baptised By Fire

Father can you help me now; I’ve fallen weak again; Father can you hear me now; I can’t go on; [A-CHORUS:]; Pushed to far; Meet my standards; Make them proud; Kill because I tell you to; Firstborn son...

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3. Thunder Dome

Two men enter; One man leave; You make promises that you never keep; Seems like your only purpose in life; Is to give me grief; Crawling maggot is what you are; Always talk behind my back; Spineless o...

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4. To The Last Breath

Imitate your heroes; Emulate beliefs; Set the standard, set the trap; (Now) mimic what you see; Praise what I praise; Crucify the truth; Say what I say; Get them hooked and turn the screw; [Chorus:]; ...

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5. War Machine

You’re no stranger; You’ve been this way before; Time and time again; For senseless reasons why; Bringer of danger; Like the scars that are left when a baby is born; You’ll taste my fire and ice; Oh! ...

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