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1. Broken Pretty Heart

You were my shade of gold and now I'm stone; It keep my heart apart; This dark hole, all day it grow; Please take out of my heart; You started everything, I'm grateful for you; But I can't stand; You ...

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2. Drops

Come and go, the time is our; Before you know, we're here for hours; You got my heart, we have a long way; Fall asleep, it's time for big day; Hey, I can't be without you; And no, I won't forget you; ...

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3. Now

So I got here, nobody can get me; They can try but I'm above them; Every time you come, baby, you go back out; You don't know me, so you can't feel now; Every tears I've cried became pride; You can't ...

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4. Spacetime

I gotta find my love; moon is my point; Through the years I found; dark holes and no where; I feel my heart beat so hard; when I look at the sky; Stars I gotta find, I wanna love you more; Your eyes s...

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5. Tell Me

Tell me how you want this, how much you like this; I don't know what's happening I just want you close to me; So far and so near, we can't be together anytime; Dangerous love it's all we are; Make me ...

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