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1. Bap!

I'm yet to say a word, and you; left me hanging on the phone; now i've caught up to you, for a; change i've got you to my own; It takes a person like you, to let; me talk till i'm blue; and still you ...

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2. Christiana

copenhagen 9th of june; no light to guide but for the moon; of all the wrongs that will be done; the worst is their oblivion; sunday in christiana; no need to ever leave our quaint; community; of medi...

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3. Doubt

Someone leaving town. My inner pain I do not need; I look at me and take so she kills me now; If I think about the lack of shame or "should have done"; I lust like an animal; But I never saw nobody ha...

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4. Electric Cucumber

Hey baby scracht your number - on my electric cucumber; Crawling on my hands and knees, like some rubber cockroach on a striptease; I can see inside your mind now, I know just what you want... and how...

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5. Everything

what if i could be the one; be everything under the sun; someone of great renown; a king with the coolest crown; stronger than a superman; able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; and you know t...

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6. Good

wash-n-wear, simplest of things; what can make your heart want to sing; like the day - dc came to town; you were standing there - didn't care; that the rain was pouring down; things are better than th...

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7. Here We Go

i left my house today; thinking about the words we throw; away; things that we shouldn?t have said; friends can be hard to find; why do we leave the grace so far; behind; draggin us down instead; here...

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8. Hey Man So Long

Hello, hello, hello, hello. Hello, hello, hello, goodbye; I can see inside of you; you alone are my chameleon; I know how you lied to me; you will know what you're meant to be; I have been inside of y...

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9. In The Sky

I've thought about it for a while; the many questions for the asking; she asked if God was just a slob(like us); maybe something there is lacking . . . ; My God's not in the sky; He's here with you an...

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10. Inside The Pervert Mound

SUCK. ; She can suck holes in my world... She can twist my nerves like wires; Everybody crawls up and down the walls; Up and down the cracks in each other back; In and out the holes in everybodys soul...

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11. Into Heaven

ok, now i'm on my way; give up everything i have; to be with you someday; oh yeah, everything's alright; always looking upward as I got you in my; sight; hey mother look at me; i've made my connection...

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12. Pose

Cut to countdown Jamie was so cold. Do you know why we kiss and the lie? coma-life is getting like karmacide now; out to lunch you count aloud. ; I know that creole soul. Yeah. ; Come-white you cut me...

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13. Psyche

PSYCHE. PSYCHE. Well I can't understand. I was your holy man; I was your fool of desire; I was your bitter green soul... crucified; PSYCHE. THOUSAND MILES AWAY. PAIN; PSYCHE. BLOWS MY MIND AWAY; I bee...

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14. Surfer Psalm

are you free? when things don't come; easy; is there a peace; that finds you anyway? honestly; do you get the feeling; that; those that you meet; believe you know the; way; yeah, now i see it; you cou...

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15. Swampsnake

Hey swampsnake. ; Let me be your swampsnake till the real one comes around; let me be your swampsnake till the real one comes along; I wanna be the medicine man and I won't do you wrong; Hey swampsnak...

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16. What I Got

find it hard to keep it in today; though some might say that I'm crazy; lunatic - look out he's coming our way; all around people stare but i don't care, no i; don't care; if you knew just what I've g...

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