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1. I'm In A Hurry

First verse:; 1.0 Verse; Like (S.P.) Laya ima playa potna know dat dere; Before dis rap game tha name Zac Bautista be a major playa; Bald head, curlz in my hair, sport a fade; Told my lil Cutto Lil Le...

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2. Letters

Whats up my homie x con my homie lost his x; Cause now he back in vac soaking game from og convicks; Im hearing now and then you falling I wont believe that; Its us against the world homie where my Gs...

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3. N Tha North Bay

VERSE 1; You faulty trying to salt fuck your hating trying to hault me; Original gamers taught me so you suckas cant get got me; Im naughty Nathan nice the west turf is where I soaked; Whats your name...

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