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1. A L'aube D'un Soir (at The End Of A Day)

Out on the sea of love; And untaimed again; There is a way that leads to foreign shores; So slow down, you've had enough; The signs of a plan; All you see, it's just me; The mask is down; We dream of ...

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2. Man Of 1000 Words

Do you still fight the ones who show their hate-full pride? And keep the master plan to turn the constant tide? I've left the brotherhood and still I'm on my way; I feel the bitter loss but our goal's...

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3. Not Enough

Is there a way to show it, a better way to know it? To do what should have been and earn the seed; I try to take a fortune as long as there's the dark room; I'm trapped within to kiss the wounds that ...

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4. Of Swords And Kisses

Come on down to the highest adventures; Follow me to the treasures in time; Take my hand, I will show you the secrets; Set them free, where hero and princess are real; Take that sword, take my love as...

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5. Private Ghosts

Stake your claims in my secret spheres; In my inner depths; You're addicted to conquer; You think I'm strong for I hide my fear; Season's end is near; Now you see me, I'm on my knees; The chosen one -...

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6. Sitha's Dance

Cold wind blows, oh, how far is Naglimund? This forest sleeps as we march through the world of snow; This heart is old and only time will tell; Don't pretend this can be the last farewell; Hold on to ...

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7. The Fair Game

I. Welcome To... ; We build our homes by the great white mountains; And draw our names on the colourful fence; We say "Goodbye" to the venomous tongue now; And drink to the comet as we dare a glance; ...

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8. Tuned For Misery

I bang my head through the open door; I try to stop but the fatal course is set; With every word you are hurting me; I try to forgive but won't forget; Out to get it - Hard to let it; Seems like every...

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9. What I Feel Today

Midnight hour, I am crossing the clouds; World below is in a winter dream; I am save, free from distress and doubt; Skies are quiet, it is a perfect scene; Hug your pillow and sleep; You dream of flyi...

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10. White Blanket

To the brothers in the distance; To the ones who really listen well; To the nobodies and precious ones; I'm going nowhere; And I am here to stay; I want to reach you; There is another verse to pray; W...

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11. Z

I. Overture; In the times when we had it all; There was room for a dreamscape and a place to fall; We were strong for the days to come; One with the world, a vision bright and tall; Then a man from be...

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