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1. 12 44

I’m confounded that I cannot; See where am I going after here; After I left this world; You gave out a hint to me; A code that I must find it first; Then turn on the channel; I drop into my blood; Flo...

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2. And This Is Cut

And This Is Cut; And This Is Cut; And This Is Cut; And This Is Cut; Free your mind; To start the night; Get between; Into the light; She’s there, you’ll meet her in someday; She’s left, and this is cu...

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3. Angel Eyes

I see you just landed; From somewhere called heaven; You are trying to open; Open up your angel eyes; Close; Close; Don’t look around the wreckage; Close; Close; You wouldn’t want to see; You opened y...

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4. Easy World

I will stop your crazy work; I’ll lead you to easy world; Can’t you see they are looking for; Another day to paradise; I won’t leave you alone; And let this be the reason makes you failed; I am not an...

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5. Fairy Tale

I’m in love I’m in love with you; So in love so in love with you; To carry you away; To leave her alone; You never belong to me; Don’t know how to take your sorrow; Don’t know how to be in fairy tale ...

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6. I Can't Hide

There’s a voice; Keep telling me; You are trying; To escape from me; I didn’t believe; Until you are lying in the casket; I didn’t care until nothing can hold; Tell me what should I do? I can’t hide f...

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7. Kill Sarah

I want to cry but no tears; I also lost my smiles; Like the wind goes by; Every single person who came who left; And I realized there’s nothing changed after anything; In the real world all I can take...

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8. Truth

What you do may not be; What you want ideally feedback; Stand on what you believe; May not be what you see; After all the truth is here; No one chase it anymore; It’s beautiful to see you’re clean; Bu...

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