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1. Adore

Alone is fine, that's what I have thought; Been thinking of for all this time; Until I met you and everything has changed completely; I always thought loving somebody was silly; As well as useless too...

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2. Blood Colour

Lying before me, scene painted in green; I was never found when I played hide & seek; The scenery I see is beautiful like my blood; Flows gracefully from my wrist that I've cut; Oh raging wind, go do ...

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3. Clouded Sky

Now let's sing along; Songs, the never ending songs; Now let's go ahead, towards wherever you are; Now let's clap our hands yours and each other's hands; Now let's dance around until we fall asleep; B...

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4. Fallin'

Looking up high found a steel tower; Wondering how I would feel if I fall down; Was it a dream? I saw deep red; Chasing, for what's far ahead; Always yearning; Don't know why but the beauty I really w...

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5. Heavy Rain

Sadness will pour upon us; Let us have some hope; Hold our heads up high; We have always believed; Anything is possible; I have been praying; For this night; Something is not right; It's not reaching;...

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6. Let's Feel Good

There is a rainbow across the sky; And today, I feel like I can go far away; Passing through across the river on bare foot; Let's hurry going over the hills; I knew it; Everything is just a dream; But...

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7. Live for you

Feel you with fingers; I'm making sure; About the one; That's close beside me; Now; I don't mind if I have to face; every single person as enemies; For you; Really; This is the truth; The rain is fall...

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8. Ray of light

Playing with the coins in my pocket; Making it sound clink walking along; I know if I do this, luck will change; And everything is going to be just fine; Humming a tune la la la la la; As I walk along...

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9. Scar on face

Recessive, my hair I wear in bangs; Recessive, getting long again; Recessive, I need get a trim; Recessive, but I don't wanna go; What I had held in my hands, just another illusion; Recessive, I'm not...

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10. Sinking Ships

What the hell is hidden inside there? Treasure island we see over there; They've set sail to find that out; Ocean, wild like it has gone mad; Sinking ships that come their way; But life has just been ...

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11. Trigger

Come now heading to the oblivion; To the darkness sink me; Future is lonely as it seems to be; And I am reaching from there; My mind is clear now; I feel like I can do anything when I want to do it, y...

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12. Vanishing Day

It started out like something that just burst out; It swallowed everything & everybody in its way; Everyday felt like a party, like a party; Never thought that; There'll be an end to this, never, ever...

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