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1. Don't Even Try It

Don't try stress me; You don't impress me; Cause absolutely; It's obvious you see. I know you cut your rib; But you startin to drip; You're movin closer boy take a step back; I'm not playin with you; ...

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2. Get Real

People say you gotta be fake to make it to the top (to the top, whoa oh oh); And we're never gonna have what it takes so we might as well stop (But we're not, whoa oh oh); 'Cause I know you know I kno...

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3. If You Wanna Rock

If You Wanna Rock lyrics; Every time you feel you can't find a reason; Every time you don't know what to believe in; Every time you feel like you're too far gone; All you gotta do is turn your radio o...

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4. Nothing's Wrong With Me

You may find me just a little strange; I like dancin' barefoot in the pourin' rain; My mind is racin' at the speed of light; I'll dance around you like a satellite; I'm reckless; You're speechless; Sc...

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5. Notice Me

Here's the story of a girl; Living in a lonely world; A hidden note a secret crush; Alittle boy who talks too much; Well I'm standing in the crowd; And when you smile I check you out; But you don't ev...

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6. Perfectly

I like who I am, but I guess you don't; I think that I can, but you think I won't; Amount to anything at all; If you love me, you sure show it strange; Is there anything that you wouldn't change? I ca...

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7. When The Rain Falls

Ha, ooh; I don't understand, this should be so easy; To just reach out my hand, I know the world is real; But nothing's as it seems, oh I can tell you freely; Touching's not the only way to feel; When...

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