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1. Azazel

I ... AM ... IMMORTAL ... END ... LESS ... SORROW ... I ... AM ... IMMORTAL; Vegetating a life - With no hope; For escape - Or absolution; Hardly strong - Enough to bear; The burden of all - Transgres...

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2. Black Song

You're afraid of the dark side ? - This one is black ! Racing through life to a goal out of reach; Without thinking, just on the run; Following others who follow you; To see you everyday; Makes me wis...

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3. Death Notes

Smells of rotting flesh; No animals, no aliens; Only butchered people; Lying on the bleeding ground; Just not totally dead; Bloodless, ripped up humans; Hardly kept alive; By what seems to be; Remains...

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4. Enigmaeleon

I'm the one you want me to be; But you can't catch me; I'm the ignorance you admit; I take you to your limit; Sometimes I'm a helping hand; Seems that I'm your best friend; Sometimes I'm your enemy; I...

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5. Erde Ruft

Did I dream... Or was it... REAL ! Flesh blasting stone - a dead heart regenerates; Dazed eyes open - new to see the old; Yet awake I walk - towards that black door; An amorphous woman tells me: Ich w...

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6. Fate Of Mankind

It is all lost, it is all gone; I'm all alone, there is no one; I tried to help them to make them see; Going on would lead to destiny; They are doomed to die; They can't realise why; Caused by ignoran...

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7. Final Reckoning

Clouds - legions in the sky ! Cover the moon, incarcerate the light ! Let our deeds be undetected ! Cruelty below - agony without a care for loss ! Eye - witness I am I became guilty ! As a part of it...

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8. Finis Coronat

That moment as I saw you first I knew that you`re dead; I`m not Cassandra, I`m your end and now I`m here ! You looked surprised as you took the first hit / Your final outcry suddenly stopped and died ...

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9. Fremdkörper

I tried to get along with my fellow beings; I enjoyed the little pleasures in life; Wished to become part of the ordinary people - and I failed; I met different people in different places, but all I s...

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10. Metamorphosis

I hold you in my arms and my tears back; Touching your soft skin that glows like a star before it explodes into a million pieces. Your supernova is near. your lovely kind shines through your smile. Yo...

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11. Perpetuum Mobile

Streets lay in darkness; Soft moonlight touches clean air; Scary creatures formed by the shadows of trees; Nature in dark and perfect beauty; Again... and again... and again... Perpetuum Mobile... (re...

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12. Revenge

Do you want an earthquake? I give you hardcore pain. Shattering your body, poison in your vein. ; I make your blood drip down my knife - what did you do to me? You will learn what hate can do, just yo...

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13. The 7th Plague

As I see humanity die; There is no single tear in my eye; For they 've had their second chance; I have to bring this to an end; And they see the end is near; Standing paralyzed by fear; Deeply inhalin...

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14. War Of Liberation

Burning iris to see; Dead eyes seize reality - plain and pure; Something has died inside of us; And threw us outside - the delusive womb; The proof's been given; Belief is lost; Struggle for truth; Di...

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15. Zenized

Verfallen in-der-sorgend-Welt aus Stumpfsinn, Vergessen wärtigt Gegenwärtigkeit. Lauft vor im Augenblick der Wiederholung, So habt Ihr Da-Sein verkehrt! Gesteinigt von vulgärem Fleischer-Rumpfsinn, Ge...

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