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1. Arizona

Hey, where're you going; How, how does it feel; To feed the fiend; I know that it brings you; (bring); Bring me; And when it's snowing; We call your name; We feel your pain; We love to sing to you; (y...

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2. Fly

Flying away my wings are red, you're bleeding in front of me; Fly past the sun and circle the moon, the planets are rolling; Take for granted; take for granted days it feels this way; Take for granted...

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3. High On High

Left my medals on the ground; Watched the evening turn to day; So far gone i can't be found; See my sunshine slip away; Up on top of the mountain; High on top of the world; Get back; Up on top of the ...

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4. Inside Out

Don't pull my heart out; Don't leave me bleeding here; I feel inside out; Now i've figured out your game; Don't bring your sorrow; Don't bring your sorry face; I won't bring anything for you to blame ...

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5. Mortal Blues No. 6

Time, without end, it ends for me; And the way i waste my time; I'll divide into moments at home; At home in time and space; A place to waste my days; Maybe only a moment; On, though my days are numbe...

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6. Seven

Feel my bruise; Watch it turn black and blue; Let's take a walk across the lights; Where everything is spinning; Because i'm not sure what to do; Blue is how i feel; Well i dream of my life before me ...

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7. Spit At The Roses

When we were wild and young; We'd watch clocks hands spins so slowly; I'd paint your face in the sun; And spit at the roses just to make you smile; And here we are now... There were no reasons at all;...

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8. Wake Me

I can not believe the things you say to me; You obviously don't have the heart to give a damn; We'll never know what could of been; Should have been so long ago; You can't expect me to just erase thin...

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