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1. Am Gold

Classrooms, were like cages to me; Dragged myself in... anyway. Forced in with the believers; Parents and teachers; Watched the hallways; Contract and twist. ; So i turned to the radio; Not a sound on...

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2. Back To Hell

Nothings made sense for a long time now; i think they're getting to me; if i could only buy some time now. figure out ow things oughta be; there ain't a minute in a day; i can clear my head; there ain...

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3. Speed Garage

On the roof acting cool; and the faces become one and spread like a sheet; im no fool like a hurricane; summer came wed climb over the last train; and when school would be through; wed take to the bas...

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4. Team Minus Zero

Up again; we're getting up again; theres work to be done; and we'll get it done. so lets get up again; get up again; the time to sleep is through; work the whole day through; so lets get up again; get...

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