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1. A Million More

12 years of education and this is what I'm worth. Back breaking labor I endure every day to fill my purse. A subordinate life not one I choose a hatred of the man that I answer too. Disposable man tha...

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2. Bite The Hand That Feeds

I have no interest in self-preservation, emptiness is like an old friend. I have no motive or any inclination, of doing anything for any one again. I've been the patsy, I've been the fool, I've been t...

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3. Down This Road

Another day, another dollar, another bill collecting caller. Disillusioned, let down, all my heroes are junkies now. ; I've been down this road, in the end it's all the same, another day I'm getting o...

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4. Empty Promised Land

The clock is ticking on the wall the world is spinning; while the billions work to justify their lives. They look for meaning in their useless sense of breeding; in their quest for recognition when th...

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5. Everybody's Whore

This time won't be like the last time I swear I'm gonna make it different for sure. No more monsters manifesting self destruction gonna keep me pure. Don't try to stop me now because it's far too late...

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6. Going Nowhere

Is this what you offer me, a system of dishonesty; where life gets measured monetarily and I'm just another face. Another man with the simple skills of staying alive and paying the bills; never amount...

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7. It Ain't Over Yet

I may be getting old but I'm far from out of angst; because the problems that I face on the day to day don't go away. Life it ain't so civilized when it comes down to survive; and I've had the ones th...

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8. Never Gonna Be The Same

How much do you pay for product what do you pay for hype. How long will that purchase matter when that "push" falls from your sight. If they sugar coat the poison it'll kill you quite the same. Tune u...

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9. No Apologies

Lately I've been too tired to be that man I used to be. Overwhelmed and uninspired does it matter that no one's listening. I've looked to find my place, I've searched to see my purpose served; but eve...

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10. One Way Out

One Way Out; I cant go on like this; Ive lost all my friends; The left me like this; left me to my own ends; Why must they be so selfish; Why must they be so cruel; They think I am a broken man; They ...

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11. Self Medication

Sometimes I feel the weight of my self conscious caving in on me. Asleep at the wheel, self medication gets me through those times of need. Another life time another person myself once removed these w...

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12. Suck Seed

A coffin for a coffee table pills to keep him stable won't believe G.G.'s dead. A pure bred antisocial on the verge of going postal always hanging on by a thread. Jeremy knows what he wants to be over...

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13. Temptation

Did it ever feel just right to you have you ever wondered who we are. Pleasures in life are far and few do you ever yearn for something more. This life it ain't big enough it ain't fair enough sometim...

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14. The Best

Pass the time distract me from myself cause I'm so miserable. Misery loves company your company keeps me miserable. You're co-dependent you enable me to treat you with disrespect. You wonder why you'r...

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15. The Way It Is

My father told me; Son, it's OK to have ideals, but beliefs against your government still won't pay your bills. You can raise your fists and publicly resist; but in the end corruption still exists. An...

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