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1. Canvass

Water drips rolls along the cracked lengths of my mind; Insecurity: a dying vision; The pointless ways in which i serve my need; Breaking down again; And the fragile twists of flesh lay ble...

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2. Darkness

I can feel the pressure; The walls are closing in; And theres no escaping; Being crushed from within; But in the end it all makes sense; Struggling with my incompetance; But time, it is upon me; And s...

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3. Drowned

Born of an abyssal mind; Left to gather in kind; ..of deranged, selfish need; Born, of an abyssal pain; Left to gather in vain; Of commercial ideals; Towards soul-suicide. ; An emotionless void; An em...

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4. Earl Grey Suicide

Monday mourning; I awake with my head in my hands; Its distorting; Lie awake everynight in despair; And i wonder... it came to this? And i wonder.. ...when i'll break.... ; Its a sign of weakne...

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5. Fallen

In the light i see your eyes; Staring into me and i feel so weak.. In this tomb of purity. You speak to me, as an angel speaking. Im so weak. Im so fucking weak, i die... ; Fallen down..over you. The ...

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6. Hellgypsy

Here i sit upon my bleeding throne; You tapered all reaction from my spine; Severed all my angels from me; Took away the death; was to be mine. ; Fluttering into my dreams; My ghost, she comes to danc...

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7. In A Dark Reflection

Oh, to be free of this madness in me; It screams and it burns; But its absence is fatal; Rivers collapse, as the sun sets its path; But to deny what we are; Is to murder our souls... ; To live without...

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8. Ink

Wringing out my bloodied soul; To feel another day; Shallowness is but a mask; Erosion brings such shame; Wipe clean the slate of bitterness; Wipe it clean. Internal wounds without release; Instruct m...

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9. Lariat

I was alone. i was at peace. Free ro be wrong. free to be me. Then they took me away. ; Removed from solitude. To a world that's so untrue. So far from home, alone. ; Remeberance.... Longin...

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10. Of Clouds And Past

Had i the strength; I would grind down the sun; To powder, to ash, To a burnt, empty shell; Spread its debris; To the depths of the sea; So that, in time.. Twould forget how to burn. ; So i gather the...

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11. Shields

I lock my door; So that nothing is stolen; My hands clench to fists; So that you cannot hold them; Anaesthetised; So that my life stays painless; I killed my soul; So that no god could claim it. ; In ...

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12. Stained

Every night i lie awake; And stare inside my soul; Sometimes i think theres nothing there; Just emptiness and cold. ; And i look to the heavens; And i see; Theres nothing there that can save me; I loo...

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13. The Storm

I can feel the wind blow right through me; I can feel it push me down; I can feel the storm brew within me; I can feel it drag me down; But I....dont want to feel anything anymore.

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