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1. Chocolate In My Beer

Verse 1:; Yesterday’s weather was so nice; It was one of the greatest days in my life; The sun was shining, and I had a beer; But than the shit happened now I live in fear; Refrain:; I vomit, I vomit,...

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2. Dixi

Soon all humans shall live in fear, Because a cruel invasion’s near. Blue spionage pods by night arrive, In toxic fluids our agents hide. ; Collect and filter all the shit, and salvage what is left in...

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3. Hammer Smashed Hamster

Verse 1:; My biggest whish is to join a band; Of evil metal – Satan is grand! But the guys doubt my brutality; So I prove a cruel mentality; As I stroll back from the next pet shop; Encaged the victim...

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