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1. Distortion

When it comes.... It is said... That we will al be slaves.... Until were dead.... Its like static.. Struggling over frantic..... Fall into somthing democratic... ; In the end were all puppets.. But yo...

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2. One Way Out

One Way Out; I cant go on like this; Ive lost all my friends; The left me like this; left me to my own ends; Why must they be so selfish; Why must they be so cruel; They think I am a broken man; They ...

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3. Prophecy

Its been said that; We shall each reap; What we sow; Eventualy there; Will occur a balance; Based on the choices; And actions we; Make in life; Whatever is then; Carried out upon; Us at death is; Not ...

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4. Should I

Should I; I have a crush; On a girl; My friends say I should ask her out; But I have doubts; About her thoughts; That iam a fool; To even try; She’d laugh in my face; I’d feel like a disgrace; I don’t...

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5. Tolerance

All my tolerance, seeping out into to ignorance!!!! All those feelings felt before.... Ignorance!!!! Seeped in and out of my system. Ignorance!!!! Caused me to crash! All my tolerance is, GONE! Waking...

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