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1. Antietam

Antietam; A devastating assault; Cast upon their left flank; Confederates at fault; Dispiriting their vast ranks; On a bridge they rode; Stampeding with full power; The Union army showed; Who stood ta...

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2. Avenger Of Souls

Avenger of Souls; When you’re the only one; Left in battle; You will stand and fight; Or perish like the others; If you try to run; They will catch you; If you try to hide; They will surely find you; ...

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3. Blackbeard's Revenge

Blackbeard's Revenge; The Captain sighs and breathes anew; As he looks upon the ocean blue; Fly to the decks, we must prepare; The shouts of battle in the air; The water rises higher and higher; Our b...

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4. Deep Breath

Deep Breath; If an hour goes by; And time stands still; When death birds fly; And dark blood spills; If the way is lost; And paths are found; Spears are tossed; Morale is down; We will fight on; Our e...

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5. Fight For Love

Fight for Love; Fight for the energy; Fight for the ecstasy; Raise your swords up to thesky; Show the demons how they’ll die; Grab thy horse, unsheathe thy steel; Let love be our battlefield; We fight...

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6. Flame The Dragon

Flame the Dragon; Fire blazing from its mouth; Dark wings in the sky; Feeble soldiers down below; Burning as they die; His breath will show no mercy; His eyes will show no fear; Fly the dragon into th...

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7. Sword Of The King

Sword of the King; Forged out of mighty steel; Sharpened by the grinding wheel; Shining with crimson light; It’s prepared to win the fight; A mighty warrior holds it high; He is not afraid to die; The...

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8. The Lone Warrior

The Lone Warrior; From her castle in the sky; The Ice Queen watches down; At the warrior down below; Riding into town; He proclaims his love; And she puts on a façade; Her treachery and lies have made...

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9. The Metal Prayer

The Metal Prayer; Oh, Metal Gods; Who art in Valhalla; Hallowed be thy names; Many battles done and kingdoms won; To be able to claim victory; Give us this day our shields and swords; And forgive our ...

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