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1. Black Milk

Your eyes gave me a look; Of dull despair; Tied up with him and yet; You're not aware; That I can change your life; If you dare; Come join this group of men; Stay and share; We are the prophets of sor...

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2. Bunny

Don't you look at me and think you've got; a chance; A tank-toped-muscled-boy can never show romance; Cause I will move along to the dance floor bodies; And you can stay and watch as you do with movie...

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3. Cuffs

I never thought you'd do like this; You were my sex and I'm your miss; We've reached the bottom line; I held your head and you did mine; You gave me folds and I turned blind; Gave in from time to time...

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4. Fight With Shettered Mirrors

You never told me about the bell and ball; We built the three-house and forgot what it was; It left me feeling numb; And all the stories that you painted for me; Blue crayon dreams that no one ever wo...

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5. Humanitarism

Winding is this road of yours; (Walk on your own); Confident of early scores; (They will be gone); Waiting is my favorite bore; (Maybe youÂ’ll see); Thwarted love will hurt me more; (Reconcile me); A ...

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6. Pressurized Chamber

Like a frozen daughter; To a man who likes to say:; You were no good, no; With your blue eyes staring; In a distant far from life; You will loose it, loose it now; Could we save your life this time? I...

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7. Tar Heart

your eyes make eric swallow a drop of freezing sweat; his naked skin will bury your secret left unsaid; a boy like you is precious he knows it like the rest; the camera lens is icecold lick eric's hai...

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8. The Lake

You held his head in your hands; And looked at me with your cold eyes; "This is the place where it ends"; And talked me into break ice; I lost all things that I loved; One million things I still love;...

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9. Wrecked Metal

Press your foot down, like I told you; See the houses, rush on by; Reach out your hand, touch my arm and; Let me breath you, as you cry; I can hardly wait; Hope we wont be late; And you know its time;...

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