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1. Can This Be Love?

Out in the night; Let me show you what things can be like; Dawn comes too soon; Don't hold back your feelings for me; Oh, let us go; To places we never have been; I wanna show; Things you never have s...

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2. Crying

I wake up without you, alone; And i feel so empty and sad; Forever i thought we would last; And so great the love that we had; But your heart turned to stone, colder than ice; Freezing our love once s...

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3. Ice Into Fire

If you're looking for some action; Hold on tight to me; I'll give you satisfaction for free; My engine's getting hotter; Nothing can go wrong; Riding on my rocket so strong; I'm power to night, faster...

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4. In Love

Oh, teasing lady; You ain't no shady no more; Moves like a queen; Sweet little angel; All dressed in leather and lace; Looking so mean; Now i want more, i held back before; I know it's a game that you...

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5. Into The Madness

Through the streets of shadows i will stroll; A wicked mind far beyond control; A masquerade for those who wants to see; The life beyond the mask of mystery; This insanity, grows inside of me; Voices ...

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6. Lightning Strikes

Into the flashes, your earth turns to ashes; Hear my roar; Waves of destruction now starting the action; I want more; Now don't look back, i will attack, feeling no pain; No time for pleasing, my powe...

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7. Reach For The Sky

Don't hesitate, aim for the sky; You got nothing to lose, you must give it a try; No time to waste, head for the top; Just keep it coming, there's no need to stop; Believe in yourself, you gotta stand...

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8. Save Me

Yesterdays gone, time has begun; Drowning in the sea of love; Waiting to see, this strange mystery; Hopelessly it flies above; Catching a dream, wide and extreme; Magic fills the skies above; Oh oh oh...

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9. Sound Of A Hurricane

They give us mercy and they give us pain; Nowhere to hide from all the strain; Inside the tower they all sit so tight; Making plans of what is wrong or right; Now's the time, time to strike, now it's ...

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10. Warrior

I am a warrior, a servant for the king; The glory and pride we die for; It fades like the whisperin' wind; Lord we were mighty, with steel we ruled this land; We thought it would last forever; Fools, ...

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