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1. Always Starting Over

Take me back 'til I can't forget; There's no other way to; Get it off my mind, get it off my mind; Get it, get it off my mind; You know it's just a waste of time; Just a waste of time; Get it off my m...

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2. Limbic System

Could I be lost now, would I fail? My train of thought gone off your rails; Could I feel the warmth of the summer sand; Or the kindness in your hand? Would I forget my own name; Without yours to remin...

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3. On a Hillside Looking Up

City buzzing in my ears like static; Took a walk to clear my thoughts; With the crowds I move; Through fields of traffic; And dreamed of places we are not; Can you hear me? On a hillside looking up; W...

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4. Overwhelmed

Yeah, it's a short drive home; If we're honored by fate; You are calm and quiet; I'm overwhelmed inside; I can feel your cry; It resonates in my bones; Now everything's changed, I'm overwhelmed; If I ...

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5. Sleep On It

I wake to feel it all; Like a drum inside my chest; Pulled the cable from the wall; But the buzzing never rests; Now I gotta go; And you're unimpressed; My choices never small; And you know I never re...

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6. Summer Day

I see you holding my place again; When you brushed by my sun burned skin; It turned me white to feel you there; So come on, won't you follow; On the path near me; You took my hand and nobody could; Ma...

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7. Talk: Listen

I know you get bored; But fear the sudden changing; Of the current; I know you feel sore; But always hold so tightly; Till your burdens; Did I loose your trust? Did I ever have it to begin? Its not a ...

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