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When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth. -Dawn of the Dead

Zombie KILLA! (x8)

Ive been waitin and forever it seems,
Every day I can see the living dead in my dreams,
I called up my pop and the familys fine,
Safe in the base and their waitin for a sign

All my boys ready, loaded up in the jeep,
Steel on the side and were rollin ten deep,
I packed twin .9s and a double barrel shottie,
A samurai sword and a fire breathing rottie,

Were saving lives that have gone unaffected,
And if youre infected, youll get dissected,
Resurrected, theyre all gonna burn,
Protect me and mine is my number one concern

The undead will receive no pity,
BOSSFIGHT Crews taking back Tri-City,
Grab a .45 and youre grave yard filla,
I am the fear in the night like Thrilla, Im a

Zombie KILLA! (x8)

Now we got em on the run, we aint close to done,
Well be head shottin zombies till kingdom come,
I swore to my life and to those held close,
Im the Boogie Man to the undead host

My crew and Is mean, were the graveyard machine,
Zombies at your neighborhood and were makin it clean,
Immune to screams and the cries of the dead,
Samurai sword slash takin off their head

Poppin hot lead and I cant help but laugh,
My dreams come true sittin in a blood bath,
Vista, Carlsbad, Oceansides last,
Tri-Citys finest, kill em all fast

Burnin all the bodies, were havin some fun,
Lay em all out till they spell ZeaLouS1,
Grab a .45 and your graveyard filla,
I am the fear in the night like Thrilla, Im a

Zombie KILLA (x8)

Cornered on the block and my ammos on low,
My medipaks gone and my crews on the go,
I got a man down and my blades on the ground,
Now Im all alone and theyre huddling around

I take a deep breath and I say a little prayer,
Ball up my fist and exhale the air,
Summon up the rage till the time is right,
Then I scream the war cry HERE COMES THE BOSSFIIIGHT!

Swingin like a mad man takin on a nation,
Every time I swing is a full decapitation,
Bullets start to fly and the jeep swings by,
My homie jumps in cause I wouldnt let him die

Now we drive by throwin Molotov cocktails,
Blowin out their brains and fire, it never fails,
Grab a .45 and your graveyard filla,
I am the fear in the night like Thrilla, Im a

Zombie KILLA (x16)

Youre all going to die down here. -Resident Evil

BY: Emiru.00/Gah__kun

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