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1. Images Of Princes

You can hear the footsteps of the devil in your brain; But you just can't put asunder the evil of your name; Can nothing be said to stop the quaking in your knees; For the images of princes are not wh...

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2. In The Beginning

In the beginning; When the heaven and earth are one; To be or not to be; What have we done? In the beginning when earth was but a wasteland; And the darkness covered all the eyes could see; In the beg...

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3. Last Chance Believer

So you think I've nothing better to do; Than spend my time watching over you; I've got a world's worth who really care; But if one needs me, bet I'll be there; Look for me in the falling rain; Here I ...

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4. Lies In The Balance

This time you fooled me, you played all the ticks; Now it's no wonder why they called you slick; You saw what pissed me off & did that no more; A sign of the times, a political whore; I have been take...

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5. Mr. Primetime

All who enter cast your eyes upon the star; If you've been here, then you'll know how free you are; Just leave everything to me; What you've done is not what I see; (You're free); (All rise); Rise and...

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6. The Anvil

The anvil stands alone, the hammer's come & go; Tired and useless worn away; Attack the golden rule, the genius & the fool; How can man destroy what man has not made; The liar and the law, one will so...

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7. White Room Life

Dreaming of dreaming in daylight; Laughing along with the moon at night; Sleep no longer means rest for me; Carefully listen carefully; Reaching out for a life line; Clutching on to everything mine; F...

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