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1. Become Eternal

A secret wish and unfulfilment fate; Destroy & Create to be unforgotten; Mortal Agony a whole life long; Won't die a worthless death, a death a priori; A Premonition to bring worlds illness; Facing yo...

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2. Embrace Your Insanity

Lethal Illness from the fear of your soul; Mental Illness caused by the toture of your weak existence; Fortunate that you do not throw your being is of purest irony; Embrace your insanity and dance in...

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3. Odem

A Day with no night following; A Life no longer frightened by death; A life inside death itself; Death has overcome mortality; I have experienced the first death; And the second I shall not feel; My b...

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4. Slave Morality

Born without instinct, without selfishness; No will to power, to become wise; The inferior way of the slave is the failed hope in a god who never existed; The world is created by dreams; Reality is a ...

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5. Towards Perdition

I see; Through bleeding eyes; That blazing path; Towards perdition; I crumble; Enshrouded; In a veil of grief; I stalk; Through barren wastes; Of ash and magma; The air I breath; Bears the strength of...

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