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1. Delusion Junction

Echoic walls; These crazy thoughts build; My honey smiles rooted out; Cover cold steel; One step to action; Jumping in a loophole; Society confines me; In the role of a clown; And it dreams of dancing...

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2. Falling Like Dead Snakes

Eyes open like suns; Burning rests of lives; Blow off the poison of this sleeping ghost now; Wake up you must kill the snake by your own hands; You must take the torch and follow the final procession;...

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3. Guns, Speech and Madness

Forget what you saw; Eye closed at the end of the tunnel; The darkness dwells too deep; To be experienced; In each soul there lies a gun; And when; You draw out; Your rage, buried inside; Is stuck in ...

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4. Lost In Vegas

I feel I'm going to lose my mind here; Try to walk in the night while there is; World's waste decaying on the ground; I feel like I'm another one of those; Disposable objects we love to throw; I'm tir...

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5. Moloch

Tough my lips are swollen; My throat filled with blood; I can still say your name; And still call for The Flood; We are fighting so obscure; Beneath the lonely moonlight; And the street calls our name...

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6. Monkey On My Back

Bucephale, may you change your heart? It's not okay, well, it's not the end; I, moving through hornbeams; The chords are old, so are the trees; You wear your heart under your sleeve; You learned that ...

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