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1. Doctor Doctor

Brace yourself; I'm reaching over to the second shelf; This vaccination isn't for my health; It's just another way to see myself; Alleviate; The pain inside me is an open grave; It's not the mustard s...

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2. Dream

What does it mean; When you don't ever dream; When you don't ever dream of me? What do you see; When you're looking at me? Am I not who you want me to be? Hold your head up high babe, you're enough; E...

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3. Driving In Circles

Memories, they always leave me; Just like you; Left my bed; But those clothes you left behind; They don't believe me; And they can't change; The things you said; So I'm driving in circles; Wishing you...

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4. I Love You

Open up your eyes and then you'll see; You're the only one who's standing next to me; Does it have to be a mystery; While we contemplate if this is destiny? Oh where do you go; When you lose control? ...

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5. Talk To Me Baby

There's music in your voice; A song so soft and sweet; That I had no choice; My love; I'm praying for a whisper in my ear; Just a sound to make it clear; So, I'm sitting here waiting by the phone; Tal...

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6. You're Not The One

Baby girl; You're just my kind of drug; The reason that I'm always on the run; But, together we become the mourning dove; Flying over all the damage that we've done; Cause You're not the One; I've got...

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