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1. Blinded

I was blinded by; The color of your eyes; Makes me wonder why time flies; When I'm by your side; I confess I was weak; Failed to resist; But how can I be strong; If when I hold you it feels like home;...

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2. Lonely

Feel so lonely; Without you by my side; Feel so lonely; I wished you to be mine; I never thought I could fall in love; Just like I did; Feel so sad; Free my mind; There was a time I just thought; It w...

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3. Moving On

Hey, hey mamma; It's been a long time I've been thinking; 'Bout telling how much I want to get away; It's been a long time; It's been a long time, yeah; Everything that happened to me; Turned me upsid...

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4. Troubled Love

How long; How long it's been; Since I have been I've been awake at night; Thinking 'bout the times that we had; Life; I've been mistaken one more time; So slow; So cold, oh; After all I've done; To sa...

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