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1. Meadows & Straight Jackets

Oh, I know I think I’m losing my mind; This medication can’t save me from myself this time; “Woo-hoo, that’s cool”; Who is that talking to me? I know that you’re in my head; I know that this can’t be ...

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2. Message

Painful truth you come and hurt me; I’m not worthy of this kind of abuse; I think I could fit in your shoes; If you tell me nothing but the truth; So here we are at crossroads of yours and mine; We ca...

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3. Monster

Someone told me long before you knew; Known what you had done; You fail to see this hypocrisy, you just laugh; Look at what you’ve become; A monster that hates and kills, killing me, killing you, Kill...

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4. The Sun Never Came

I wish that I could change the story line; I wish that I could take you out of my life; You’ll never know how much that knife hurts; In my heart, that knife is your words; This is my last thought; Thi...

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5. You Are One Too

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what to do; You run circles in my head to see if I will follow you; Oh now the joke’s on you; I’m the one who’s leaving you; Something’s wrong; The feeling’s gone an...

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6. You’re All Right

Never Knowing; Where I’m going; I feel so empty; I think God hates me; You treat me like your pawn, I want to be your knight; But now I sit and wonder if you’re all right; If you’re all right; I can’t...

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