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1. Dead Caress

It’s my death; And death caress is here; Yes it’s my tears; And my hate sprouts; Such a spring in the soil; Feeding the flame of the life; Yes it’s my death; Pleased, walking; Caress by the wind; Dead...

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2. Deception Roar

Where the sepulcher drinks all; When the stars attack me; The ride of the hope; Suffering the deception of the past; In own corrosion; Carving about the solitude; And the pleasure of pain; The poison ...

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3. Dreams Of Nothing

The wind with the sadness of my being; Burning the earth of the future crimson; With the seventh gate of the seventh zone of the battles; Riding through the on this earth; Where reigns dreams of nothi...

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4. Empty Bloody Gates

It’s the end of hope in my heart; To enter a cosmic terror; Falling at the gates of empire; Decide between the power and the hate; In sacrifice and ancestral lords’ deceptions; Battles of cosmic horro...

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5. End Of Innocence

He comes burning the deception of innocence; Sad and blind when the demons bleed on you; Your tears will fall on the answer of the pain; Where a long time there was a heart; Wild arms embracing callin...

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6. Ever Fall

One more time feel lost; in the hands of the pain; walking with sorrow; my being blessed; with crimson tears; oh pleas lady give me the liquid; and kill forever; ever felling the fall; in the eyes of ...

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7. Skeptic

There is that man; Looking in my interior; Traveling in the spaced; running through my blood; jumping for my veins; alone I want to walk; without cease toward that cosmos; that he gets excited these w...

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8. Whiplash (metallica Cover)

Late at night all systems go; You have come to see the show; We do our best you're the rest; You make it real you know; There is a feeling deep inside; That drives you fuckin' mad; A feeling of a hamm...

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