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1. Heartstrings

A thousand years or so it seems; We're tied by blood and love; In this lifetime, in the past, promises everlast; I've seen your face so many times, it brings joy and pain; Whether we've been close or ...

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2. Quid Pro Quo

Everyday we stomach what the men on the Tv fabricate; Ransackers, marauders, murderers, kidnappers; Prey on our fears, make us choke on insecurities; We shit, we spit, we stick it out; Wrongdoers they...

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3. Sovereign

I am just one more man; A namesake to defend; Born from the cracks of the land; Before I lay me down; I'll find some means in town; Wherever this river may flow; Arriving but staying no more; My trade...

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4. Terminal Speed

I feel ablaze, filled with desire; Burning up, I'll walk the wire; Tear the walls down, against the gray, 10000 miles; My wings can soar far away from your gaze; If this is real, never go back to the ...

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