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1. 28

Twenty-eight is not the age; When the game is over. I'm feeling good; I'm at the stage; When I'm here with you. ; Time is creeping through my eyes; Day by day to nowhere. All that time I left behind; ...

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2. B.i.g

Your hands on my face, I'm looking in your eyes, The loving embrace, We are flying in sky, We are really high... ; This dream is over, It's happened, we are parts. Love came to nowhere; And I heard "G...

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3. Capsule

Living or dying, Laughing or crying, I do it inside... Giving or taking, Hearing or saying, I do it inside my; Loneliness' capsule. It's like the absurd. The capsule where I am... Nobody looked in, No...

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4. Find The World

You think that your love; And hatred are just chemicals; Inside your brains. ; You think that your life; Has a meaning just to die in time; And nothing else. ; I can understand your mood. But what's y...

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5. From The Beginning

Like the ants we brought the bricks; To build our lovely home. The home for us, for our dreams, To never be alone. Tried to fill it with the warm, The warm of our hearts. Tried to make it so strong; T...

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6. Nightmare

It seems to be all right... ; Living in a locked room; I wanna go outside. I can't sleep and I wish I could; Throw it out of my mind. ; Getting closer to the understanding, Trying never looking back, ...

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7. Our Secret

Every time I'm dreaming of you, Every time I'm lying near you, Every time I'm speaking to you, Every time I'm fooling for you; I am there in the night; After day, which was too bright, After rain, whi...

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8. Overload

You can discuss so many themes, Propose a solution, Rise in associates' esteem. You concentrate at global schemes, Free substitution... But you don't see under your feet! Overload... Your overload of ...

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9. Pendulum

From fire to ice, From dark into the light, From left to right, From joy to pain inside, From near to far, From sky down to the ground, From day to night, From death back to the life. ; It's the way I...

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10. The Morning Comes

I wonder if they'll come, I wonder if I'll try, I wonder what'll be done, I wonder what I'll find. ; The step away from here, The step out of myself, The step without a fear, The step... ; The step, W...

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