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1. Alchemy

I feel this alchemy; Ready to go; You are the centrepiece; Heaven to hold, well, well, well; Something keeps telling me you are no good; (I don't listen baby); How could you make me feel so blue? We d...

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2. Awakening

I been reaching out; To someone in that big light house; I could feel me sinking down; Swimming against the tide that I divide; I thought I'd lost it all; Thought I'd made my final call; So may go fro...

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3. Deserve To Be Loved

I spent most of my time complaining; Don't I feel I have enough? For what exactly am I waiting? Don't I deserve to be loved? People say I should be harder; Cause they're no good at being soft; But I'v...

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4. Don't Belong

I've been doing what I feel; And I'm feeling what I do; Never gonna fall in line; I'm a rebel up my roots; You can't control, oh, you can't control; You can't control me baby; Ever sign up on my back;...

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5. Everybody Needs Love

[Verse 1]; Got no time to pay attention; Ain't no smiling in a morning rush; I put the face on hoping on; No one in the mirror's keeping watch; [Pre-Chorus 1]; And it feels like I've been down, yeah, ...

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6. Only When We're Naked

Baby, let me know you; Nothing but the whole truth; I wanna see the side of you; You don't reveal; Love me at your loudest; Let me see your wildest; This feeling in my heart is cold; And I'm for real;...

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7. Still Want Uuu

Broken, bruised and burned; But the lesson's never learned; Twisted tight and turned; But I like the way it hurts; I don't know what to do with myself right now; I can't think about no body else right...

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8. The River

On a cab drive home from the dark side; Hearing fat lip preach from the far side; I was told about her, I was told about her; As we stopped in front of the red light; The rain washed our [?] dead nigh...

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9. These Are The Days

No keys on the table; Mama says it's bad luck; Walking through the doorway; I'm already looking up; One hand on the future; One hand on today; Although I know leaving ain't easy; I'm on my way; All th...

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10. Unmissable

When I'm looking in your eyes; I'm not sure if you're still with me; What is it that's on your mind? You went wrong, are you sure that you miss me? Cause it's been a long time coming; We traveled down...

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11. Unstable

You're up, I'm just getting in; So rough, God knows where I've been; Your eyes are staring at my sins; There's no time to speak our minds; All of our frustrations on hold; 'Cause you don't know the li...

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12. You Come First (Ft. Saweetie)

If only your walls happened to talk; They'd say you had a lot of selfish lovers; Get what they want, hit and run away (ay); Not gonna lie, if I was your guy; I would never treat you like the others; I...

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