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1. Between Heaven And Hell

dying to live; living to die; ain't no hellos here; nothing but goodbye; it's like singing a song that cannot be sung; it's like having to end child, what's yet to love begun; [chorus]; hey, hey, hey ...

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2. Dead As Yesterday

it'll leave you with nothin' to say; lost without a way; ain't it funny child; love sometimes leaves you; as dead as yesterday; hoping to hold a handful of sunshine; like a child told it cannot play; ...

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3. Road Back Home

i look around i see that time ain't changed; same old faces, same old names; all the things we thought we knew; you lied to me & i lied to you; (now) all this time; you never sympathize; all this time...

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4. Sold My Soul

without you woman by my side; i'm contemplating suicide torn from all my pride; a man tells me, son that ain't the way; gonna make a deal with you child; gonna live another day; just sign right here s...

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5. Throwin' It All Away

you couldn't feel the sunlight upon your face; your little world; a little out of place; you couldn't hear the ocean; you couldn't hear the waves; i know you meant to come back; i know you meant to st...

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6. Too Numb To Cry

i see you across the room; search for some happiness ain't anytime soon; turmoil has turned you inside; sift through your pages of miracles you wish to find; [chorus]; when you're too numb to cry; & y...

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7. Way Beyond Empty

if i could i surely would; child ease your pain; but if i could no longer; would you still know my name? if i couldn't drain the tears; that pour from these eyes; would you turn your back on me; would...

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8. What You're Lookin' For

we were friends; yet never all that close; two different people lord; i guess yeah, i suppose; well i could see by the lines on your face; so much on your mind; searchin' for someone, anyone, somethin...

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