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1. Be A Punk

I get so tired of always keeping my sanity; Being a puppet just for everyone's vanity; There was a time when i was just me; Before i got lost inside the punk rock scene; Now i'd do about anything; Jus...

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2. Bury The Gods

Can you hear the horrorshow choir sing hymns of redemption? The circuitry of denial is a deity to believe in; So start a fire and plant a pipe bomb on the g-spot of your greed; After all we're only hu...

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3. Dotted Lines

Quiet whispers show the way; But the screams always complain; And I don't know which voice is mine; Or which of the voices tell me lies; No way to run from what's inside; Maybe this body should be sac...

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4. Every Rose

Forgotton perversions, bathe the truth in fallacy; Ignore the blood just try to breathe; Headstones with starry eyes tell stories of past memories; Ignore the blood just try to breathe; Transcendent q...

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5. Falling

Kill this void these scars let me know that I'm ignored; And I'm afraid of my escape, could you never wipe my tears away? I'm falling deeper into midnight; Where God's face slowly fades away; Into a d...

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6. Stereo

I'm a virus, an infection in this arterial america; I'm a part of you, and you're a part of me. Symbiotic? Parasitic? I don't know which one yet; But I know that you keep feeding, keep feeding me. ; Y...

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7. Wanted Nothing

Why's the quiet so damn loud; I can't hear myself screaming; Need to find myself a crowd; Cause I can't stop myself from thinking; About the way things used to be; About her heart which I can't reach;...

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8. Winter Of Disillusionment

My faith is bruised and my convictions guilty; Of questioning why I've been forgiven; This grace, the state I'm in? My manifest's spiritual hypothesis; Winter's coming; To destroy what spring created;...

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