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1. Awake

Its always a pleasure to see you; Always a memorable coincidence; And now that you stand there in full view; I see now it all makes perfect sense; Cause now we're together you and me; Lets make a toas...

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2. Beast In Me

Cold Sweats; Blood Rushing; U take me to a place I don? t recognise; Breatheless for your loving; I need another dose before I lose my mind; I? ll be the one that you can? t love; Cause you bring it o...

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3. Better Than Me

It ain't healthy what they tell me; That we're not alike me and you; Ordinary, that I can't be; I admit that I don't follow no rules; So they shoot me down single me out; Cause they don't wanna unders...

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4. Crossfire

You said that our love was the best thing you'd ever had; But you wouldn't commit to us for reasons now I understand; Walk outs; Phone calls; Things that never made any sense at all; But shame on me f...

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5. Hurt

Slow down before you fall too deep; Don't you wear your heart on your sleeve; 'cause I'm quite quite the opposite of perfect; So girl don't let me be the reason for your downfall; 'cause it's gonna be...

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6. Levitate

I'll take you to another place; A place you've never been before; Somewhere out of space; Where time don't matter anymore! It's gonna be great; Into a dimension, make me be? Girl, let me take you ther...

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7. Poison In My Sleep

Can we slow it down for a second; So we can talk this through; I dont wanna hear another record; I know what your tryna do; Cause everytime you love me your lying your lying; Its a game that you've al...

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8. Shot Of Me

Step to the mark girl wait in line; I'm like your favourite flavour that you always crave on; B-bite your lips girl ride it out; Cause where it takes you to a place girl we don't talk about; One drop ...

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9. Snap

Baby I love it when you tell me what to do; Talk me down let it out fire in the booth; When you say what's really on your mind on your mind; Go on go on take the keys to the coupe; Show me what you re...

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10. Thumka

Kite chaliya mood banake; Kite chaliya tu; Kite chaliye neenda urake; Baby tu; Bomb lagi floor té aake; Bomb lagdi tu; Menu Apna chakara che pake; Javin na javin tu; Mujhe tu, saza de; Par is dill ko ...

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11. U & Me

Do you remember; we used to run around hanging out on every corner; We were together almost all the time; But now when I reach out theres no answer; How did we stem so far, from where we were; We mess...

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