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1. Digging For Windows

Fuck that bright shit; The spot or the flashlights; We in l. a. ducking both; In the shadows with lead pipes; The days are all night; See if I pay edison; No medicine; These blues ain't more better wh...

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2. March Of Death

I was born the voice of a riot, a storm; lightening the function, the form, far from the norm; I won't follow like cattle, I'm more like the catalyst; calm in the mix of battle; who let the cowboy on ...

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3. We Want It All

There they are now; The master of law; Throwing flowers on a casket of our broken dreams; Most thieves are silent; But these ones scream; These ones scream; We want it all; We want it all; I heard you...

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4. Zapata's Blood

Like they deserve; Wasn't spilt in vein; So now you're pullin' the moves pullin'; the moves pullin' the moves; We'll wage, we'll wage we'll wage war; To replace our name; Some guys got blurred; So now...

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