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1. Dodo

I met him in a cloud down in La-la land; Where it’s floppy and stretchy just like a rubber band; B-A-N-D band; He walked up to me and he twisted back my arm; I asked him his name and in a gurgly voice...

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2. I Believe I Can Die

I like to think that I cannot go on; And life is ringing my ears like a gong; But now I know the meaning of true thugs; I'm gasping in those buff muscular arms; If I can see it, then I can do it; If I...

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3. Incomin' Bacon

Iiiiiiiiiin Iiiiiiiiiiiin comin bacon; Incomin bacon; She’s hurlin bacon; Big ol fatty bacon; Ow! Ya know, baby, I don’t really dig; Flyin strips of Porky Pig; Incomin bacon; Duck n cover; She’s hurli...

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