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1. Cuddling With Daisies

I'm cuddling with daisies, In a flower's bed. I'm living in a small town; Somewhere in my head. I'm shelling out excuses, Like you deal a deck of cards. If you're the queen of diamonds, I'll shatter y...

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2. Lullaby

I'm on the couch, nervous and cold; The infomercial's getting old; A lullaby is what you want; A lullaby is what you got; I will be the one who walks you home; And know that I will the one who ends up...

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3. Paper Trail

With a closet full of space, And some memories erased, All I asked for was some change. Brain cells still all rearranged. Jst a tiny paper fee. Important men look up at me. An offer to which you can't...

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4. Proceeding With Catherine

Proceeding with Catherine is a dangerous road to walk; 'Cause she's cold and still and she paints her will; Alone in her bedroom hands covered in chalk; You know she must inhale the dust to talk; I ne...

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5. Species Humanoid

Have a drink, It'll help you think. Designated traitor. Turns out he's a liar. ; Species humanoid, space to fill the void. ; Married with kids, Guess what johnny did. He cut them all to pieces. The ha...

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6. Untitled 1

Buried in ashes; Head to my toes; I got a secret I'm keeping; And everyone knows; I got a world full of idols; And a head full of hair; And the thoughts that are in it; Just float through the air; Lea...

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