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1. Baby Blue

It's in my head; It's in my dreams; I'm done pretending; That it ain't me; You better make for the hills; Before I set a free; 'Cause I'm dangerous; I don't know where it came from; I don't know where...

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2. End of Days

Fallen truths and hanging lies; Like wrinkled leaves left on the vine; The tarnished silver has aged so poorly; But now I know just exactly where I stand; Oh the seasons been unkind; But you can see m...

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3. Gone

I wanna love; I want it more than tears; I want your love; So don't you, bring me tears; Now that you're gone; I'll sing our song; For you, all for you; You're gone, gone, gone; You're gone, gone, gon...

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4. I'm a man

When I was a boy, my mama, she said to me; Son, you better lead yourself out of this misery; I'm gonna help you, just as best as I can; But there's only so much I can do to turn a boy to a man; You be...

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5. Little Clocks

I say, brother can you help me? I'm looking for some shelter; 'Cause the rain is dripping off my sleeve; I got my hand in the gutter; And I'm looking for some cover; But I'm better off chasing a dream...

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