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1. Chain Breaker

If you've been walking the same old road; for miles and miles; If you've been hearing the same old voice t; ell the same old lies; If you're trying to feel the same old holes inside; There's a better ...

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2. Down To Blood

Facing the crowd that could see through my lies; As I stand under streetlights that glimmers and shines; On the things I keep quiet, the things I need close; The things that keep me up and haunt me th...

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3. Fears

Pacing by the front door, Leaving for the city; Horses eat the grass, 'tells them tomorrow's another day; Gone before too long, Papa tried to one; "boy, you leave this home, And you won't find a place...

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4. Go Tell It On The Mountain

While shepherds kept their watching; O'er silent flocks by night; Behold throughout the heavens, there shon a holy light; Go tell it on the mountain over; The hills and everywhere; Go tell it on the m...

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5. Great White Throne

I went down to the river; I fell down on my knees; Heaven take me if you please; I felt the 7th trumpet sound; I heard the angels sing; Hallelujah Christ our lord forever reigns; ; I felt heaven start...

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6. Jesus Take My Hand

I wanna live in a world that has no shame; Nobody hurts or feels no pain take my hand; I wanna be baptized in all of your glory; Know what it's like to tell your story take my hand; Jesus take my hand...

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7. Old Church Choir

There's revival, and it's spreading; Like a wildfire in my heart; Sunday morning, hallelujah; And it's lasting all week long; Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It's the rhythm of a gospel song; Ohh on...

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8. Rock 'n' Roll Me

I've been sneaking around your window baby; Im Like a cat out on the prowl; Got an itch that needs some scratching; Got the feeling you know how; Rock n roll me while you stone; With a word you whispe...

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9. Shine a Light

Once I was running; Lost and alone; I thought I could make it just fine on my own; Living for glory my fortune and fame; But all of these things were never enough; Shine a light on me; Shine a light o...

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10. The Struggle

He woke up this morning; To an angel in his bed; There was a devil in the bottle; He was holding in his hand; With his head still full of whiskey; And his eyes now full of tears; He opened up a Bible ...

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11. Washed Clean

Father open up my eyes; So I might truly see; Everything you have done for me; Lord I'm tired and I'm torn; My face is on the floor; Break these chains and set me free; Lord I wanna be washed clean; D...

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12. Who He Is

Lay your arms down brother; There is no need for fighting anymore; The stones that you been throwing; You know you will be held accountable for; There is no judge nor jury; There is a higher power; Th...

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