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1. Meet Me By The Stairs

There's something in the air, whispers everywhere; Telling me to move on; I hear it in the trees, whistling on the leaves; Picking up on what's wrong; And I'm all alone; I feel it in your stare, nothi...

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2. Radio

I stare with the TV dark; I would see you face if I turn it on; A week wouldn't pass the time; In every magazine you're the main headline; I've been thinking about you; Can't stop dreaming about you; ...

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3. She'll Be Breakin' Hearts

Red dress first name basis; One touch got you naked, oh fall to the floor; Dark eyes heavy breathing; daylight caught you; leaving, oh; You never spoke; Late night wonder; undercover love she's on the...

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4. Silver Screens

She had a smile that could light up the room in seconds; I got lost in her blue eyes in conversation; And she told me her dreams and she trusted in me for hours; I held her hand and whispered away my ...

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